Sunsong Amphiptere male

Lorgar is the son of Keven and Claudia Valisk, and was raised in the AnselaJonla flock like his parents were. Lorgar is part of Horus' gaming group and always plays the part of the flock, refusing to consider representing any other side.
Lorgar believes that AnselaJonla, the human founder of the clan and flock, is the God-Empress of all Mankind. He can often be found in villages just outside of AnselaJonla territory, preaching this belief to the humans there, attempting to convince them that their lives would be better and safer if they agreed to be counted as part of the clan.
While this is true, as the flock protects clan lands from marauders, bandits, and rapacious dragons, Lorgar's approach to recruitment does tend to put people off somewhat.

Sunsong Amphiptere
Caveborn Unmated Yana Lightbringer * Jesh Beamcatcher
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