Day Glory Drake male

Jordis Day Glory is one of the few drakes rescued and nurtured by the wide ranging clan of humans founded by AnselaJonla. His egg was found in the forest and taken to a hatchery to be raised.
Once he matured, he found his lifemate, a Glaucus drake, among the other AnselaJonla drakes. In the tradition of the flock, both drakes were given the same name, Jordis, to pass down to any of their offspring that remained within the flock.
Jordis will chase anything that moves. Leaves, shadows, beams of light shining through the canopy, cats. His most frequent prey is his own tail. He cannot seem to comprehend that it is actually attached to him, and he will turn in circles for hours trying to pin down the elusive quarry.
Unsurprisingly, more intelligent beings find this display rather amusing to behold.