Hellfire Wyvern male

Colin Bervirius is part of the Hellpack, a group of Hellfire Wyverns and Horses that live slightly separated from the rest of the flock. Having started with a few mated pairs made of one of each breed, they take in new wild-born Hellfires and Horses every generation, as mates for their Hellhorse offspring.
Colin is one of those wild-born mates, paired with the Hellhorse named Cait. He's smart enough to admit that he's slightly scared of his hot-tempered mate, and when she's angry Colin will usually go for a long flight over the jungle surrounding the Hellfort. When Cait comes looking for him after she calms, he leads her into a chase that leaves them both exhausted and happy.
He looks fearsome, but he's really a big softie at heart.