Hellhorse female

Cait Bervirius is part of the Hellpack, a group of Hellfire Wyverns and Horses that live slightly separated from the rest of the flock. Having started with a few mated pairs made of one of each breed, they take in new wild-born Hellfires and Horses every generation, as mates for their Hellhorse offspring.
Hot tempers are a common trait of the Bervirius females, and Cait's Hellfire Wyvern mate, Colin, often finds himself fleeing from Cait's fiery anger. Her flashes of temper vanish as quickly as they start, however, and once calm Cait will take to the sky in pursuit of her swift-flying lover.
She enjoys stalking the smaller dragon through the sky, and the agile aerobatic manoeuvres they engage in once he spots her. Cait's rather vain, so she will deliberately direct the chase over human settlements just to bask in the enjoyment and admiration of anyone who stops to watch the display of aerial skill.