Brian Bervirius is part of the Hellpack, a group of Hellfire Wyverns and Horses that live slightly separated from the rest of the flock. Having started with a few mated pairs made of one of each breed, they take in new wild-born Hellfires and Horses every generation, as mates for their Hellhorse offspring.
Brian is the wild-born mate of the second-generation Hellhorse called Bryll. He was brought to Hellpack Fort as an egg and raised as part of the group. His crush on the younger Hellhorse was obvious from an early stage, and he was delighted to realise that she at least tolerated him enough to accept him as a mate.
Brian is a member of the scouts, and he often ranges far to check for threats and to find more wild-born eggs to bring back to the Hellpack or, rarely, to the main AnselaJonla flock.