Beatrice is one of the many dragons rescued and nurtured by the wide ranging clan of humans founded by AnselaJonla. Her egg was found on a mountainside and taken to a hatchery to be raised.
Once she matured, she found her lifemate, a Harvest dragon, among the other AnselaJonla dragons. In the tradition of the AnselaJonla flock, both dragons took the same name, Deimos, to pass down to any of their offspring that remained within the flock.
Beatrice is a bossy little dragon. Despite her small stature, she is definitely in charge of her relationship with her much larger mate.
Despite having no skill in magic herself, Beatrice is forever studying it. This is so she knows exactly what to ask for when she wants one of the Magi to make a runic talisman to protect the cave during the winter months, when Donald is hibernating and defenceless. She knows that the other dragons would be there as soon as possible if someone were to attack, but she wants a defence right there anyway.